Imke Weitzel - Imke's youngest daughter was born with a progressive hearing loss. 36 years ago that implied regular trips to South Africa to receive quality advice on early education for hearing impaired children. She met Heide Beinhauer when she later travelled to Germany for further guidance in her daughter Gesa's mother tongue. Imke designed most of the organisation's earlier leaflets and books and served as Treasurer for a long time.

Barbara von Koenen - When Barbara and Jorrit von Koenen searched for a specialist teacher to help their son, who had become deaf at the age of 3, Imke told them about Heide. Ultimately Benedikt was the direct reason for Heide's arrival in Namibia. A long-standing active member and treasured friend of the organisation, Barbara now resides in Germany with her family and Benedikt is a qualified aeroplane mechanic working for Lufthansa.

Linda Franklin-Thorn - As a speech/language therapist and audiologist, Linda was very aware of the limited resources available for language, speech and hearing impaired children in Namibia and felt a need for a parent support group and "watchdog organisation" to fight for the rights of children with communication disorders and their families. As past Chairperson of CLaSH, Linda remains an active member of the organisation and takes great delight in all of CLaSH's achievements.

Johnnie van Tonder - One of the few ENT specialists in Namibia, Johnnie has never stopped his support and encouragement. He continuously and generously assists CLaSH in the provision of professional service and expert care. Since 2003 he has actively supported Operation Omakutsi, a series of middle ear operations in the Northern regions of Namibia where ENT services are usually not available.

Heide Beinhauer - A specialist teacher for hearing and speech impaired children, Heide arrived in Namibia in 1989. The plight of the country's hearing impaired children and the countless opportunities to start meaningful projects became her calling! More than twenty years on, Heide co-founded CLaSH, became its Education/Training Officer and is now Director of the organisation.


Wolfgang Keding, Chairman - Due to his nephew, who has language and learning difficulties Wolfgang became involved with CLaSH. He has a BCom and MBA degree and feels that through his personal and professional experience he can contribute towards keeping CLaSH a vibrant organisation.

Webster Gonzo, Vice-Chairman - Webster is passionate about people in general. A psychologist by profession he currently works as Human Capital Manager. He sees his role on the Board of CLaSH as one of facilitator and enabler for those that have to deal with the organization on a day-to-day basis.

Marc Biederlack - At the age of 2, Marc discovered that both his ear canals were closed and until the age of 9 he had to undergo several operations. Today Marc is a successful financial wealth consultant. "Serving on the CLaSH Board is a great opportunity to help those less fortunate than myself with their hearing," says Marc.

Maureen Chirawu - Maureen’s involvement with CLaSH commenced when she was working as the organisation's Office Coordinator for three years. A trained Human Resources and Industrial Relations professional with a Masters in Development Finance, Maureen still feels deeply connected to the organisation's work.

Antoinette Kooper - Antoinette has a deaf nephew, who used to attend the CLaSH pre-school unit before moving on to the Deaf school. She works for the Ministry of Health and Social Services and has a Diploma in Office Management and Technology. On the Board she specifically serves as parent representative.

Sem Shikongo - A good friend of Imke’s, Sem watched her daughter find her way in life and grew to understand the challenges involved. He is Director of Tourism at the Ministry of Environment & Tourism.

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